With a powerful voice and graceful playing, Stephen performs cover songs as if they were his own or turns a song on its head into something completely brand new. They make you want to sing along and demand more. His catalog is vast - from old standards to modern tunes there is something for everyone. To read a full bio of his musical journey, click here.


As one reviewer in Huntsville put it, "Stephen is a superb solo performer. He 'owns' the cover songs he plays by adding his own spin and emotion yet he retains the best parts of the original performance." Read HuntsvilleMusic.com's review here. Stephen also performs in Huntsville's only Dueling Piano show weekly, read that review here. 


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MARK HERNDON, DRUMMER FOR THE BAND ALABAMA - "A talented musician and a fun guy to jam with..." 

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HUNTSVILLEMUSIC.COM - "His voice has nearly perfect pitch control...he engaged with the audience, asking for requests which he accomplished in turn."

JOSH THOMPSON, HOUSE OF CURSES - "Stephen Johnson is one, if not the best musician in the area. He's always entertaining and there's not a set list that doesn't have something for everyone. That kind of versatility and talent is priceless."