How to Play DP Trivia

Use the form below for Name That Tune and Trivia. Each pianist plays 1 song, 2 questions are asked for each song, then submit the form--this is a single round. Please do not type answers or hints/lyrics in the Facebook Live chat!


Please do type Spin the Wheel (spin wheel below for genre and choose song from list) and Mix & Mash Up (lyrics of one song to tune of another from list) requests in our Facebook Live chat anytime. We perform these requests between trivia rounds.


Please do sing-a-long at home, say hi on chat and tell us where you're from! We want everyone to have fun as well as a little friendly competition.


Last, follow us on FB for weekly themes, trivia winners, and announcements. And invite your friends!

Dueling Pianos Trivia
Single Round

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