How to Play DP Trivia

Use the form below for Name That Tune and Trivia. Each pianist plays 1 song, 2 questions are asked for each song, then submit the form--this is a single round. Please do not type answers or hints/lyrics in our Facebook Live chat!


Please do type Spin the Wheel (spin wheel below for genre and choose song from list) and Mix & Mash Up (lyrics of one song to tune of another from list) requests in our Facebook Live chat anytime. We perform these requests between trivia rounds.


Please do sing-a-long at home, say hi on chat, tell us where you're from and just have a great time! We want everyone to have a lot of fun and a little friendly competition, and to laugh with us as we attempt these crazy games.


Last, follow us on FB for weekly themes, trivia winners, and announcements. And invite your friends!

Dueling Pianos Trivia
Single Round

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