Welcome to the Music Lesson page! Above is a sample video showing how quickly you can learn basic chords and song structure and how to relate that to playing popular songs. I've often remarked over the years that piano is probably the easiest instrument to learn to play, although it seems so complex at first glance.


     My teaching style follows a syllabus, however I adapt my process to each individual student. If you want to learn pop songs you hear on the radio by ear or learn specific styles, like blues or classical, or if you'd like to learn to read sheet music---I can provide the knowledge.

     I've taught students of all ages and skill level, so I welcome anyone who wants to learn! Lessons will be taught on the UAH Campus at Roberts Hall. If necessary, I can travel to your location, for a nominal travel fee. Vocal lessons also available, for those who wish to add singing to their repertoire. Pricing is on par with other local teachers in the Huntsville area. Please sign up below to receive further information and get to Level 1-2!

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